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Flying during night is even better now with NightCam V2 which is specialy designed camera for FPV night flying. Camera with high sensitiv sensor and four high power infra red LEDs will take care for best night experience (100m or more visibility at night). 

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    After one year of night flying with night camera, now comes the next generation NightCam V2. It is more powerfull, smart
    IR LED illumination, temperature sensor and tough aluminum housing.NightCam V2 has : 4 x 5W (20W) of power IR LEDs,
    aluminum housing for better heat dispersion and much better shock resistance, temperature sensor to save it from
    overheating, 10v-26v input, long connection cable, smart phone app for updates and settings, high sensitive camera. 
    Excelent IR LEDs radiation pattern for camera view so the IR loss is set to minimum. 100m and more visibility at night. Selectable operating mode through RC switch (off, auto compensate, full power).

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    NightCam V2 features : 
    - 4 x 5W High power IR LEDs (20W)
    - high night sensitive camera
    - aluminum housing (better heat dispersion and toughness)
    - high sensitive 600tvl sony camera
    - IR sensor (it will dim IR LEDs)
    - temperature sensor so it won't overheat
    - smart phone app for updates and settings (iOS, Android)
    - 10v-26v input power
    - long connection cable (cca 350mm/13.8in)
    - excelent IR LEDs radiation pattern for camera view
    - RC switch to change mode
    - 850nm IR wave length that is best for camera sensor
    - 100m +  visibility at night  

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